Consider These 5 Things to Bag Premium-Grade E-Liquids

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If you have recently gotten down on the journey of e-liquid, it is more than likely that you have been wondering how to bag the perfect e-liquid. While you may have the best e-liquid equipment but if you don’t have the ingredients that allow you to experience a wonderful vape, there is no point in having that equipment. Here are 5 things, which if considered will allow you to bag a premium-grade e-liquid. Read on.


When buying any e-liquid, the flavor comes first and then high nicotine. It is common for people switching from traditional smokes to e-cigarettes to prioritize nicotine but it is important to understand that people tend to stick with e-cigs largely because of the huge list of available flavors.


While the flavor is the first thing to consider, the second thing that holds equal importance is nicotine strength. Most people don’t just begin smoking e-cigs, they make a transition from traditional smokes. If you are someone who is transitioning to e-cigs, consider choosing a nicotine strength that is equivalent to your favorite smokes.

The Hit

One does not simply smoke e-cigs without experiencing the nicotine hit at the back of his throat. If you are someone who prioritizes the ‘hit’ experience, consider going with an e-juice that is capable of producing the desired hit. The nicotine hit is also largely dependent on the nicotine concentration within an e-liquid.


Safety is yet another concern that holds equal priority. With so many e-liquid brands and shops popping up everywhere, it is important to determine whether the product you are buying is genuine and safe for use. One way to address this issue is by sticking with a dealer that holds a good reputation in the market and avoid experimenting with every other e-liquid dealer you come across.


Certain dealers offer discounts on e-liquid and e-cig products if purchased in bulk. If you are looking to save some bucks, it might be wise to invest some time searching for such dealers and deals. If you are just starting, consider buying e-liquid packs that offer different flavors, this will help you in figuring out your preferred flavor choice.

Wrap Up

Buying an e-liquid is not an easy task for a beginner. Just like everything you do, there is a learning curve and experience that one needs to be able to bag premium-grade e-liquids. The abovementioned tips should serve as foundational steps to help you make the right e-liquid purchases.

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