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One Up Salt – Mango Ice Blend 30mL

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Classic burst of mango and tropical fruits with a cool, icy twist.

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One Up Salt – Mango Ice Blend 30mL

One Up Salt Vapor has made salt versions of the most beloved and popular flavors from the original One Up Vapor line. Mango Ice gives you loud, bold, succulent, juicy mango at its finest with a hint of menthol that makes it taste like it was chilled in your fridge overnight and ups the refreshment factor big time. Now with this stunning blend around you will have the option to be able to access the fresh, exotic flavors that you fantasize about, no matter where in the world you’re located and whatever time of year that it may be. This freedom is a wonderful thing and hopefully, those positive emotions can carry themselves over to every other aspect of your life as well. You’re going to find it unbelievable that they were able to take these delectable pieces of produce and really give them the justice that they so greatly deserve.